About Us

We specialize in flat promotion & construction of residential villas in and around Chennai. For the last three decades our focus has been customer centric – Providing great homes.

With over 35 years of experience in this industry we know the market better in every aspect, so you are in the right hands for your property needs.

Our vision is our mission and with a dedicated & highly skilled team of knowledgeable Engineers, Architects & Business professionals we look forward in serving you & our activities are in sync with our customers stated goals and objectives.


Our TEAM is a mix of experienced, well qualified & highly educated personal whom we work with to carry out our plans. Their care, knowledge & experience counts towards every successful projects that we have done.


Our Agents & third party mediators play an important role in marketing our flats to their valued customers & provide successful Marketing & Sales campaign.

We work with many such professionals in promoting our Villas and Flats in Chennai.
Guiding you to Key Decision Making
One of our Marketing teams primary responsibility is to guide you in the correct direction and assist you in making Informed decision. Before you purchase a property from us, there are certain Important activities you need to perform as a customer.

Visiting our site and exploring to see if it meets your taste and interests. This is one of the most important activity. We will supply with Floor plans, Elevation details, Approval details for your reference. We request our customers to do their own research on Price in that area, about the neighbourhood and about us.

Another Important activity is to get legal opinion from a property legal advisor. Once you know which property you are going to purchase from us, we advise you to take a copy of the property documents and have a consultation with your legal advisor.